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Taking Your Puppy Home

Your Health Guarantee

All parents are health tested and all puppies come with a health guarantee. 

Health Guarantee/Contract

Puppy Food

When your puppy goes home, they will be eating Life's Abundance Large Breed Puppy Food. Life's Abundance is wholesome and nourishing dog food.  It is formulated to supply dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages with a healthy and satisfying diet. We highly recommend this brand as it is produced by two world renowned veterinarians. It is made and delivered to customers within 45-60 days versus other brands with warehouses full of food sitting. They have never had a recall and should one ever occur their scan and send system allows them to know exactly where ever bag has been delivered. 

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Nu-Vet Vitamins

Nu Vet Plus K9 wafers are a vitamin specifically made for your new family member. This vitamin is important as it helps your puppy better absorbs the nutrients from his/her food as well as helping to absorb the vaccinations they will be receiving. As part of our contract, we require all our puppies to be on this vitamin for the first two years. This will help to aid in proper growth and bone development.  

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Looking for the best kennel to kennel train your new puppy. This is the kennel we use on our farm and highly recommend it to all our clients as they kennel train their new puppy. Click below for a direct link to purchase from amazon. Most dogs will require a 42" kennel, some might need a 48". 

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Upon going home, your puppy will have received a Neo-Par shot to help jumpstart its ability to fight off Parvo as well as a 5 way vaccination. 

Once you get your puppy home, he/she will require a 5 way vaccine at 11 weeks, 14 weeks, and 17 weeks. At 20 weeks, we recommend another 5 way vaccine and a rabies is required. 

Spay/Nueter Requirements

They have found that early spay/neuter leads to hip dysplasia, ligament tears, and weakening of the bladder. 

Based on this research we require that your not spay or neuter your new puppy until after 18 months of age. 

Lifetome Microchip Registration

All puppies leave our farm microchipped. The lifetime registration is $35. You will receive a microchip certificate that allows you to create your own account so you may update your information at anytime for the lifetime of the dog. We do not allow any puppy to leave our farm without a microchip.